Why choose Cyberfear?

We present you the main features that other sites can not offer.

No external scrips and captchas!

All CyberFear's scripts are hosted on our own servers.

We do not use external scripts.

We do not use external captchas.

No IP Logs

We do not store IP logs.

We do not store date & time of your logins, logouts.

End to End Encryption

You can send encrypted emails to other CyberFear users and to other recipients.

Learn more:

Encrypted: > Read <

Encrypted to another CyberFear User: > Read <

Cleartext: > Read <

No one can read your emails - not even us

Your emails are encrypted.

No one can read them without your password.

MiTM Protection

Even if someone intercepts your email, he will not be able to read it.

Secure Offshore Location

Our servers are located in an offshore location outside of USA.

Anonymous Payment Methods

We accept over 50 crypto-currencies such as BTC (BitCoin), XMR (Monero) and many more.

No KYC, no phone verification

We will not ask you for your ID and we will not force you to add a phone number.

Premium-only Service

We do not sell your data.

We do not feed you with ads.

We are funded by your subscriptions.

Fanatical Customer Support

Contact us anytime.

We will answer ASAP.